Rocío Fatás


Week 1: Srishti – W4aW

Day 1

We intruduce each other. They ask about my work and about Sprockler. We make sure we are all on the same page with regards to what we are doing.
There are 3 students of VCSB, 3 of IAIDP, one of BSSD.

Day 2

We explore and review Sprockler’s website. We comment on our understanding of their project/product through their website. We also reflect on what it means to collect data through story telling, why is it important and different than other methodologies.

We do an excercise in pairs: one person interviews another in 5 minutes. The aim of the interview is to understand who the interviewee is, and what is their wish for a better world. The interviewer must collect data during the interview. Then we all sit together, and each interviewer shares the data they have collected, and tells the story that the interviewee has shared with them. Then we all reflect on the exercise. It is commented how it is difficult to do, and how the story can change as told from a different point of view.