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Interactive Collage

A while back, I volunteered at Fabrica, the church turn into contemporary art gallery in Brighton. They were preparing an exhibition of some work by the Otolith Group, and we contributed with research to add for participants to inform themselves, but also, we (the group of volunteers) contributed with an interactive workshop, where visitors would assemble some words that reference the Artists work and some illustrators made by the participants themselves, that they would then be able to arrange on two boards of felt. The workshop was called Interactive Collage. We also interviewed a number of the participants, and I will be uploading the interviews to the blog sometime soon.



I have been working on a mandala colouring book. At the moment, this is my first version, and it will go to print, but I plan to keep working on growing it bigger and have a thicker book by Spring next year. I will also find an NGO to share part of my profit with.


MANDALA-01-01 MANDALA-02-01 MANDALA-03-01 MANDALA-04-01 MANDALA-05-01 MANDALA-06-01 MANDALA-07-01-01  MANDALA-08-01 MANDALA-09-01 MANDALA-10-01



Today I have rescued a drawing from my student time to use it as the head of a section in my website. I fairly like the result, which is not strange since I quite frankly appreciate the original version. I have decided to put it on sale on the internet, but for the moment, here are  the sketches:mujer-paisaje-todas


A miniblog about Art inspired by Nature


This wonderful image was created for me by my talented and inspired friend Rob Dreaming.TMN