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Tech E&I _LAB (Work)

Beyond Extractivism: Probing into Environmental Realities for Technological Speculations     

A seminar for MDes students of Human-Centered Design at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology (Bangalore, India). Discussing topics of relevance for the Humanities in Human-Centered design practices. 2020.

The aim of the unit plan is to facilitate the process of diving into non-mainstream, humanistic critical theories in multiple fields of HCD: Decolonising Design, Postcolonial Computing and Feminist HCI (main topics), contextualising these theories in a framework of Humanistic HCI [2] and Research through Design[4].

Over a period of 3 months, the unit spans over 10, 3 hour sessions split into two blocks of 5 sessions each, with a month’s break in between.

Over the first block of 5 sessions, the aim is to establish familiarity with a critical approach to uses of technology and technological design, grounded in scholarly theory, and to develop a personal practice of finding practical value in critical theories, in relation to everyday technologies and digitally mediated experiences.

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Technology and Imagination: Exploring Trends in Society, Culture and Design

Have you ever wondered what is the role of imagination in the processes that shape technology? Do you think the current state of technological affairs is the only possible reality? What new forms of technology could emerge if we chose to look at the world from broader or more specific and more varied cultural lenses?

This is a half day exploratory workshop delving deep into the concepts of technology and imagination by identifying current trends in society, culture, and design principles and practices. By putting imagination at the center, the workshop will parallelly explore: 

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